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We are proud to say everything we manufacture is made here in Britain at our factory in Kingston upon Thames.

Woodland is a member of the ‘Made In Britain’ campaign which promotes British manufacturing. Wherever you see the ‘Made In Britain’ Marque you can be sure the products you buy are made here in Great Britain, and Woodland have been proud members of the scheme since 2013.

We know it is important to our customers to be able to buy from and support local businesses. Increasingly competition from cheap but inferior foreign imports is clouding the market. These companies often disappear as quickly as they appear and we hear of many customers left with quality defects or guarantee issues outstanding when the company they thought was a ‘local’ business was in fact just buying in cheap windows from abroad.

It is important that any company manufacturing in Britain is able to differentiate itself and the ‘Made In Britain’ marque gives our customers the confidence to be sure the products they are buying really are made in Britain.


Woodland are members of the FENSA scheme, a government authorised competent persons scheme for the replacement of windows, doors and roof lights in England and Wales which stands for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme.

When replacing windows, doors and roof lights into dwellings in England and Wales, home owners must comply with current thermal performance and Building Regulation standards. Our membership of FENSA gives you the confidence that any products we install will comply and be certified in accordance with the requirements of the Building Regulations.

Replacing windows, doors and roof lights are ‘notifiable’ work and must be registered with Building Control. Home owners must comply with current thermal performance and Building Regulation standards and ensure they get a certificate from a Competent Person scheme such as FENSA.

FENSA enables companies that install replacement windows and doors to self-certify compliance under these Building Regulations without the need for a separate assessment from Building Control.


As a FENSA member Woodland has been vetted and is continually re-assessed by an independent inspection body to ensure the products we install comply with Building Regulations.

This means you can be sure our windows and doors meet and exceed Document L of the Building Regulations, and all our products obtain an overall U value of 1.6 or better (windows) and 1.8 (doors). Exact U values will depend on the

On completion of a notifiable installation you will be issued with a certificate of compliance issued by FENSA. You will need to keep this certificate safe as it will be used as proof of compliance if you choose to sell your home.


  • All complete replacements of windows;
  • All complete replacements of doors where the surface area of the door is over 50% glass;

However there are exceptions to the above, and the following complete replacements are NOT notifiable:

  • Replacements in commercial and industrial buildings;
  • New build dwellings;
  • New domestic extensions;
  • Listed buildings and those in conservation areas;
  • Doors with less than 50% glazed area;
  • Room conversions e.g. bathroom converted into bedroom, new loft conversion;
  • Communal areas for flats;
  • The removal of brickwork (e.g. conversion of a window to a door) where the opening is being widened. This work should be registered directly with Building Control.

In addition, repairs to windows, replacement windows or doors into existing frames (counted as repairs) and replacement double glazed units, are not said to be notifiable and do not therefore require FENSA registration.

For more information about FENSA please contact Woodland, or you can contact FENSA directly:
020 7645 3700


We are members of the British Woodworking Federation, a trade association for the woodworking and joinery industry which aims to promote and support the use of timber in building and construction products, including timber windows and doors.


As a member of the British Woodworking Federation we have signed up to a rigorous set of standards of workmanship, company stewardship and environmental disciplines. The BWF Code of Conduct is your assurance of quality of service, manufacturing and sourcing. It sets out the principles of good practice for a woodworking or joinery business. The code represents the standard to which all members have committed themselves achieving.

The BWF Code of Conduct includes an 8 point assessment comprising the following:

  • Customer care and response to complaints
  • Technical expertise and training
  • Environmental impact and waste management
  • Sustainability: members must use their best endeavours to meet best practice and source from sustainable sources
  • Financial status and stability
  • Full insurance cover
  • Clarity of contractual dealings
  • Compliance with employment, health and safety and education legislation


Woodland are members of an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) scheme which ensures all FENSA certified installations are fully insured in the unlikely event of Woodland ceasing to trade at any point from the time you pay your deposit until the date your guarantee expires (currently ten years from completion of work). There is no cost to the customer as the cover is included as part of our service. The insurance covers the following:

  • Your deposit (25% of your order)
  • Any incomplete work on site
  • Any work required under the terms of our guarantee

More information is available from Woodland and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.


Woodland has successfully completed the Accoya® Certification Scheme to ensure we have a detailed knowledge Accoya® wood, its uses and best practice during manufacture and installation.


Woodland incorporate Planitherm Total+ glass in our double glazed units and we are members of the Planitherm installer network

BSEN 1279
Double glazed units manufactured by Woodland satisfy the requirements as laid out in BSEN 1279; the European standard encompassing, among other things, moisture penetration, gas leakage and gas concentration in double glazed units.

Our purpose-built glass processing facility helps Woodland meet the strict criteria of BSEN 1279. Our production techniques are regularly inspected by third party auditors and our double glazed units are tested by an external testing facility.


In 2015 Woodland joined Check-a-trade. Our customers are able to provide real feedback that prospective customers can then rely on to make an more informed decision. View our check-a-trade page here:


In 2015 Woodland joined Check-a-trade. Our customers are able to provide real feedback that prospective customers can then rely on to make an more informed decision. View our check-a-trade page here: