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The Woodland workshop is based in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. If you wish to come and visit us, you can find our location here. The factory is divided into 5 areas as follows:


Welcoming customers with regular communication from a member of the team, as well as the back-office work to ensure our products and services are organised professionally and efficiently.



Over the past 5 years we have invested significantly in Woodland’s machinery infrastructure. We have installed new 5 axis CNC machine, rip-saws, moulding machines, spindle moulders, tenoners, a new dust extraction system and a waste burner which burns our sawdust and heats the factory. We are proud of our workshop and we will be happy to show you around if you wish to visit.

What does this mean for our customers? It means we are able to produce an even higher quality window with greater precision than we ever have before. It also means there is less waste, and any waste timber we produce is recycled.


This is where our team of experienced joiners assemble the products once the machining is complete. Every window and door is carefully inspected to ensure it is made to the precision we expect before it is handed on to our finishing shop for painting.



Here every window is spray finished using ‘Teknos’ high quality micro porous water-based paint system. A special painting facility has been constructed to ensure paint is applied evenly and consistently, but there is no substitute for the human eye and our team of sprayers are dedicated to ensuring every window looks perfect when it leaves the factory.

The finishing shop is also where all the products are glazed and hardware is fitted. Factory glazing our products means we have complete control of quality and ensures the lowest possible incidence of double glazed unit failure.



Woodland Glass manufactures all our double glazed units in-house. Our team of glass specialists handle the glass from beginning to end and it is in fact a small factory in its own right, with glass washer, sealant applicator machines, and gas fill machines which allow the incorporation of Argon and Krypton gas for more specialist applications.

The glass shop also manufactures and sells replacement double glazed units for many local customers. We also offer a sandblasting service for door and window glass.