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The Woodland Team

John West

John Founded Woodland in 1978 and built the company from the ground up. John is responsible for many of the designs of the windows and doors we manufacture today, and he still plays an active role in the business. John’s architectural design background and eye for design detail helps Woodland stand out from the crowd and enables us to provide that unique service our customers expect.

Chris West

Chris has been involved with Woodland in one way or another since he was old enough to walk. Today he is responsible for the day to day running of the company and oversees the management of many of our key projects.

Management & Administration Team

Responsible for looking after customers, surveying, managing projects from beginning to end. A member of the administration team will be your contact with Woodland and will be responsible for ensuring your project runs smoothly.

Machinery team

The first stage of production. The machinery team will take the ‘raw’ timber and prepare it for the joinery benches in accordance with the project requirements. The nature of our work means our machinists need an in depth knowledge of both traditional production techniques and modern machinery.

Joinery Team

Woodland’s team of experienced joiners assemble the products once machining is complete. This is a diverse job and can include anything from detailed routing or chisel work, to shooting in windows and doors, or assembling a large roof lantern or set of patio doors. Before being passed to the finishing team the joiners need to ensure that the products being manufactured are fully operational and up to the quality expected of Woodland.

Glass Processing Team

Our glass team manufacture the sealed double glazed units that are factory fitted into every Woodland window and door. They cut the glass, clean it, assemble the sealed units and even fill them with Krypton or Argon gas before doing their final quality checks and handing the units on to the finishing team for glazing.

Painting & Finishing Team

Here our windows and doors are spray painted and glazed. Fittings and ironmongery are applied ready for installation and any ancillary products are assembled. It is up to the finishers to ensure every item leaving our factory looks its absolute best, ready for the customer.

Installation Team

As with every team at Woodland, our experienced installation team are all employees – we do not use sub-contract labour. This ensures we have complete control of quality from end to end. The nature of our work and the level of finishing we attain means our installation team need a wide range of skills. They aren’t just experienced window installers; site carpentry, joinery, plastering, painting, brickwork and rendering can all be in a day’s work.