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Ultra-slim vacuum glass for ultimate performance – the perfect choice for heritage properties

Fineo is a revolutionary vacuum-insulated glass with unrivalled thermal performance. Not only does it look as thin as a single-glazed pane, it offers the thermal and acoustic performance of triple glazing. If you are looking to improve the performance of your glazing but need to maintain a slim, heritage appearance, Fineo is the perfect solution.

What is Fineo?

Fineo is a vacuum-insulated glass. It is not a double-glazed unit in the traditional sense, which means it offers superior performance in an extremely thin unit.


When to use Fineo?


Fineo’s slim design allows it to be retrofitted into existing windows. The performance of heritage and conservation windows can be improved, even when complete replacement isn’t an option.

Nee windows

Fineo’s superior performance means it may be used in new windows as a slim, attractive alternative to triple glazing. The profile of your new windows can be kept as slim as a traditional window; ideal for use in period homes where improved performance, without compromising heritage appearance, is a priority.


Benefits of Fineo

Ultra-slim – Fineo heritage is just 6.7mm thick, meaning it can be used as a replacement for your single-glazed windows without replacing the frames.

Improved Insulation and comfort – Fineo’s low U-value of just 0.7 is equivalent to triple glazing. Your home will keep in heat during winter, reducing the need for central heating.

Improved noise reduction – FINEO vacuum glazing outperforms other insulated glass in terms of noise reduction compared to double glazing or even triple glazing. FINEO reduces traffic noise starting from 3 db easily up to 12 db.

Increased light transmission – Fineo vacuum glazing allows 15% more natural light than triple glazing, so your home will stay brighter.

15 year guarantee – Because Fineo is not a ‘double-glazed unit’ in the traditional sense, it is much more durable than standard double glazing. As a result, all Fineo glass installed by Woodland of Kingston is guaranteed for 15 years.

Want to find out more?

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