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Your decision to incorporate timber windows and doors into your home is often one born from a consideration to the environment as well as the aesthetic benefits afforded by timber.

We want to ensure your decision is re-enforced in everything we do and we recognise our responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment, and to make a positive contribution to environmentally sustainable business practices wherever possible.

Woodland makes the following commitments:

  • To monitor our environmental impact and continuously improve our environmental performance;
  • To prevent Pollution in all our activities.
  • To recycle /re-use waste materials wherever practicably possible;
  • To procure environmentally sustainable products and materials wherever possible;
  • To deal with like-minded environmentally conscious companies;

In addition to the above, our timber suppliers are signatories to the Forests Forever policy. This means our suppliers actively seek evidence of commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance, information on the source of wood products and evidence of good forest management practice.

All Woodland windows and doors are manufactured from FSC certified timber so our customers know the timber we use is sourced responsibly from managed sustainable plantations with full chain of custody certification.

All timber we use is also EU Timber Regulation compliant, meaning it must be sourced sustainably.

This policy will be reviewed annually.